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Insurance 101

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What is Insurance?  Money down the drain, something I buy because I have to, something I buy but don’t see the benefit from?  These are all negative terms I have heard people use to describe insurance.  When you purchase an insurance policy you are purchasing peace of mind not a tangible asset.  You are purchasing the intangible feeling of confidence that comes with knowing that an unfortunate accident might cause you to have a bad day, not a bad life.

As an insurance agent, I have yet to meet a person who was not happy they had excellent coverage when something went wrong.  Having proper coverage can be the difference between being able to rebuild the same size home, or having to downsize to a smaller home.  It can also mean losing a life savings because of inadequate liability coverage on an auto policy, or a young parent and their children having to move out of a home because of the untimely death of a spouse who neglected to purchase the proper life insurance policy.

Insurance can be very confusing with so many questions to ask.  How does my liability coverage work?  Does this policy cover replacement of my roof and personal property, or will it be depreciated when there is a claim?  Will it cover us if we have a water loss, a kitchen fire or the home is vandalized?  Is there coverage for guns, jewelry or collectible items?  These are all very important questions because not all insurance policies are the same.

At the John Brogan Agency we clear up the confusion.  We help you understand the difference between just having insurance and being properly insured.