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John Brogan Owasso Insurance Agent Here to Help You

John Brogan Owasso Insurance Agent Here to Help You

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At the John Brogan Farmers Agency we are more that just a piece of paper and a promise.  We take the time time to evaluate your need and develop a plan that covers all aspects of your insurance needs.  My staff and I are absolutely dedicated to finding you  the best coverage for the best possible price.  We have devoted hours and hours of training to understanding how insurance works and designing plans that fit individual needs.  Not only do we help you find a plan that fits your needs but we are backed by a company that has the resources and the equipment to be there when you need them.

Farmers Insurance has the resources to handle claims in multiple locations at the same time as well as the most highly trained adjusters in the industry.  Our response to the recent disasters in Oklahoma have been second to none.  We were on location as soon as absolutely possible starting the process of helping people but their lives back together. There were many other companies on location but none of them had the type of equipment and the highly trained people that Farmers had.  There are many things that cannot be replaced after a disaster such as this but no one is better than Farmers when it comes to helping rebuild the things that can be put back to the way they were.

The Farmers Disaster Response team is equipped with three large buses that carry multiple adjusters and large amounts of food.  When they arrive on location they act as a command center to help start the process of handling claims as soon as they come in.  They serve food to people whether they are farmers clients or not.  They provide Internet service so that people can get on line and file claims with their companies or to simply get in  touch with friends and relatives to let them know they are safe.  When something bad happens its about the people not who they are insured with.

Farmers agents are there assisting the adjusters and disaster recovery people as I write this.  They are helping to serve the food, hand out food and water as well as other supplies.  They are issuing  much need checks to customers who are in desperate need of assistance.  The Farmers agents will be rotating in and out of the area for a long time to come because this is not going to be a quick fix.  It will be years before the physical rebuilding is complete and even longer than that for the psychological recovery to take place.

I am proud to be part of this team, itss a great experience to be with a company that takes care of people the way we do.  Many people only care about the price when purchasing an insurance policy but price should be a long way down the list because its coverage that matters when there is a claim.  Are you properly protected?  Will you be able to build the same size home or will you have to downsize?  Are all of your assets properly protected?  Will your company be there when you need them?

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