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Are You Properly Insured? Find out Today

Are You Properly Insured? Find out Today

This content was written by Owasso Insurance Agents


There’s nothing like having peace of mine knowing that you are properly insured. But the real question is, are you? Are you paying to much for insurance every month and is the plan even working? We are here to answer those questions. John Brogan has been trained by an award-winning and professional insurance company that has been around since 1928. He can help you go through an in-depth analysis and assess all of your needs to discover whether you are properly insured or not. He’s here to save you money. And everybody likes saving money. Call today at 918 – 371 – 9601.

Have the money when you need it. Nothing is more devastating when you are in a car accident that is not your fault and the other driver that hit you does not have proper insurance or any insurance at all. What does that mean for you? It means that you will not have the money to replace your automobile, you will likely continue to pay car payments on a vehicle that does not even work and you will have to go through the financial burdens of trying to buy another car. Make sure that this never happens to you by having the best Owasso car insurance here at John Brogan agency.

John Brogan is dedicated to everyone. He’s committed to his team, to his family and to his clients. In fact he is very loyal to the people of Oklahoma because he has lived here for over 15 years. He takes his job very seriously and is always looking to save his clients big money. We have helped several individuals save thousands of dollars per year on Owasso car insurance. The same thing can happen for you. Call John Brogan today to schedule your appointment.

Don’t rely on anyone else but the best. Make sure that you’re not paying too much for insurance and on insurance plans that don’t work. But how to you know if they work? How do you know if you’re covered? How do you know if your Owasso car insurance is any good? That’s where we come in. The leading experts and professionals in insurance are ready to sit down with you for just 10 minutes. In these 10 minutes we can go over your policy and show you exactly what’s covered and exactly what is.

Don’t rely on anybody else but John Brogan and his elite team. Receive the best insurance rates in Owasso. Start moving forward in getting an insurance plan that will actually do you some good. Protect your home, protect your vehicle and protect your family. Start moving forward today and getting absolute best of the best insurance in Owasso car insurance. Schedule your meeting with John Brogan now.

Save Money, Be Properly Insured in Owasso

This content was written by Owasso Insurance Agents

Paying too much for insurance? It’s time to turn over new leaf and meet with John Brogan today. He has been trained by an award-winning insurance company that has been around since 1928 and has provided millions of homeowners and car owners with quality insurance. He graduated from the University of Farmers and was trained to be the best. His team is fully equipped and committed to quality customer service. We connect with you, get to know you and build a relationship with you. Call now to save money at 918 – 371 – 9601.

We have saved clients thousands of dollars per year by switching them over to our policy. But what is so special about us? First things first. John Brogan sits down with each potential client and goes into an in-depth rate comparison with your current policy. This does a couple of things. It shows you what you’re paying every month and what exactly is covered. You wouldn’t believe how many clients we meet with on a daily basis who were paying too much for insurance on plans that will not even work in the event of an emergency.

We want to make sure that your Owasso car insurance is actually protecting you. When you get into your car, drive down the road and are off to pick up your children from school, make sure that your car is protected. So many times we seem people get into automobile accidents and it was not their fault. The problem was the other driver did not have any insurance. That means that they were stuck without the money to replace their car when they needed it. They were stuck continuing to make car payments on an automobile the didn’t even work. And they had to struggle with the financial burdens that come with trying to buy another car.

Along with Owasso car insurance, we also offer homeowners insurance. This is absolutely necessary if you are going to continue to live in Oklahoma, right down Tornado Alley. The storms are absolutely devastating. We have seen cities there one day and fall the next. We want to make sure that you’re concentrating on getting your family to safety if a tornado ever hits and not worrying about if your possessions are insured or not. Make sure your all protected by sitting down with John Brogan for details.

You can meet with him and he can help you. He can go over your current policy, tell you the secrets and be up front with you. He believes that honesty is the best policy besides an Owasso insurance policy that he offers. Make sure that you have what you need and you are covered all around. Your life is important to us. Your possessions are important to us. And we protect the things that are important to us.


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